Blogging for Authors

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A guide to blogging for authors

If you’re an author, you should have a blog.

That’s a pretty bold statement, but I stand by it. Here’s why:

1) You’re a writer. Blogging will give you valuable experience, and it’ll also show that off your skills

2) It gets your name out there! Frequently updated blogs mean more chance of being seen (and hopefully that means more book sales!)

3) You can build a community – if you have fans already, a blog lets them get to know you better. If you’re a brand new writer, a blog can let potential readers get to know you. And if they like you, they’re more likely to buy

4) It gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd. By blogging, you’re showing off your personality. By showing off your personality, you’re standing out from the hundreds, thousands of writers who throw their book on Amazon and do nothing more

What you’ve probably noticed from the above is that a major part of blogging is letting your readers get to know you. That can seem a little scary sometimes. Maybe you’re hesitating because you’re worried about letting strangers into your life; maybe you’re concerned about how vulnerable it will make you to open up like that.

If it’s the first issue, I recommend that before you start – or if you’ve already started, do this right now – set some boundaries. Decide what you’re not going to talk about. For example, maybe you’re not comfortable sharing pictures of your kids or your house. Good choice. Write that down somewhere and stick too it – it’ll help you feel safer. You can get some ideas about (safety) here.

If it’s the second, if you’re worrying about being vulnerable –  me too. I think that’s true for most people. It can be hugely scary to start something that opens you up to criticism, especially when it’s something as personal as your writing. But it’s also absolutely, 100% worth it. It will make you braver. It will make you more confident. That alone is worth it. The other stuff – more sales, getting your name out there – that’s just a bonus (albeit a really big one!).