Travel and Design: Seattle and Portland

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Travel and design Seattle and Portland

Continuing my design-driven travelogues, I wanted to keep going with a Pacific Northwest theme.

In the first of this series, concentrating on design in Vancouver, I said that the city could best be described as a flannel-wearing, bearded hipster. The same could be said of much of the PNW, but I might say that it gets weirder the further south you go. After all, Portland’s slogan is Keep Portland weird!

But here. Take a look at some of the design I spotted and see for yourself (photo-heavy under the cut).

Let’s start in Seattle. First: I went to Seattle five or six times while I lived in Vancouver, and it barely rained. While I was on holiday there last September, it poured absolute buckets. Still, there were lots of interesting designs to be seen.Design in Seattle

Design in Seattle

Design in Seattle

Design in Seattle

In these photos, you can see similarities to the design you saw in the Vancouver post, and you can see more in the pictures of Portland below.

I only spent a few days there in 2012. We went at the end of October; I’d always wanted to see a proper American haunted house, and it was seriously fun. The girls in front of us as we entered were hysterical before anything even happened – but I guess that added to the fun!

Design in Portland

Design in Portland

See what I mean about them living up to the Keep Portland Weird slogan?

What you can see in these photos is that there really is a consistent PNW style. It’s young, it’s crafty, it’s a little bit quirky. Each of these cities has its own distinct feel, but it also still clearly belongs with the others. That’s exactly what you want with your book cover: something unique that still sits clearly within your genre.

If you’d like to see my genre book covers and see if any of them is right for you, you can view the pre-made book covers by genre right here.