Travel and Design: Vancouver

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Travel and design Vancouver

I love to travel.

That’s actually an understatement. I really love to travel. To see new places, as well as to revisit old favourites. Vancouver is definitely an old favourite; I lived there for a year, and I can definitely agree with the polls that name it as one of the top 10 cities in the world.

As a designer, one of the things that I love to spot when I’m travelling is the different design. I don’t just mean architecture – though I do love that – but the recurring styles and themes that you see as you walk around the city. You’ll see this in shop signs, in posters, in the sort of merchandise you see and even in the sort of people you see. To use Vancouver as an example, if the city was a person, it would be a flannel-wearing, bearded hipster who loves craft beer, and the design you see around the city reflects that.

Here, take a look at what I mean (photo-heavy under the cut):

Photo of Vancouver pub showing design

Photo of Vancouver restaurant showing design

Photo of Vancouver restaurant showing design

Photo of Vancouver restaurant showing design

From the above pictures, you get an idea about the kind of style Vancouver has – very cool and young, crafty and creative. And just for fun let me show you a couple of more touristy pictures – I honestly think everyone should go to Vancouver and I want to show off my favourite city in super-filtered photos!

Photo of Vancouver

Photo of Totem Park in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how this relates to the usual content you see on this blog. Partly the point is just to share the cool design of the city. But also, it shows the importance of both fitting in and standing out in the world of design.

When it  comes to book covers, it’s a thin line between being unique enough to stand out in a  crowded marketplace, and looking like you belong in the genre.

As an example: if you’ve written a romance, you might not want to have a woman swooning in a tartan-bedecked Scotsman’s arms, like, oh, every other romance novel out there. But – and this is important – you also don’t want to have a cover that has nothing but a photo of a clock on it, because that doesn’t even remotely suggest romance. You have to find a balance.

If you’re looking for a unique cover that still fits, you could take a look at my covers, or if you’re after something really unique, why not drop me an email and let’s chat about custom covers?