Six Easy Ways to Up Your Productivity


Six easy ways to up your productivity

I get it. Sometimes work is hard.

Not the work itself, but getting it done. There are a thousand distractions – Facebook, twitter, tumblr, your favourite blog, endless cat pictures… Sometimes I turn the internet off on my laptop, but then I’ll just pick my phone up, just to quickly check something – and there goes the next ten minutes, disappeared into the ether.

I’ve been scouring the internet for resources to help with this problem, and here are six easy ideas to get you off the internet and killing your to-do list:

1- An idea from Fresh By Sian: remove social media apps from your phone. This has been a life saver for me. I used to lie in bed as soon as I woke, check Facebook, tumblr, Instagram… And I’d finally get up with an hour of the day gone. Get ’em gone.

2- Turn the internet off. You can do this by just turning off your wifi on your computer, or if you want to go hard, you can get internet blockers that stop you accessing the internet for hours at a time. I’ve not tried any myself, but Freedom is probably the most well known internet blocker.

3- Use a full screen writing program. This operates under the assumption that what you can’t see can’t distract you. If this sounds like you, try Dark Room for Windows and WriteRoom for Mac.

4- Get off the computer. If you’re working on the first draft of something, write by hand. Less distractions, and typing it up gives you an extra stage of editing. This is something I use quite a lot, and it’s also helpful if I’m suffering from writer’s block. Switching formats is a huge help.

5- Tell people what you’re doing, and when you’re getting it done by. This can be in the form of posting your blog/story/webcomic weekly, on Tuesday – you have people relying on you, so you’re more likely to get it done. It could also be going on Facebook and telling your friends or followers that by 5pm, you’re going to have finished a chapter of your novel and asking them to check on you. Just remember to close Facebook when you’ve done this!

6- Written? Kitten! Kind of a joke, but kind of not. Do you love cats? Would you like to see adorable photos of them? This site will allow you to see a kitten once you’ve written 100 words (you can change that number). Now that’s motivation to hit that wordcount.

So there are six ideas for helping you stop procrastinating and get on with the hustle. Of course, there are far more methods out there, and I’ll be covering more in later posts. To be honest, I think the first one is the one that’s had a biggest impact on my work. So if you find yourself struggling to get into a work headspace, take social media apps off your phone. It might make all the difference.